Habitat Restoration on Vineyards, Agricultural Lands & Beyond

Napa-Solano Audubon launched this project in partnership with Viticulturist Katey Taylor of Napa County. The goal is to help agricultural landowners and others take significant conservation steps on their lands. Measures include planning the installation of diverse native vegetation as hedge rows and around ponds; establishing wildlife corridors; removing invasive species; and installing nest boxes and floating nest platforms.

Loggerhead Shrike © 2006 Dave McMullen

Nearly 30% of Napa and 66% of Solano land areas are dedicated to agricultural production. Agricultural lands are often overlooked for restoration opportunities, yet can potentially provide opportunity for restoration of woodland, riparian and grassland habitats. Improving plant diversity can help wildlife, reduce invasive, exotic plants, attract beneficial insects, and increase the overall environmental health and biodiversity of an agricultural area. This project helps to promote wide-scale habitat restoration, by making information and resources about local native plant species and bird populations more readily available to land owners. The educational program and information sharing, helps identify current and potential bird species and habitat improvement possibilities. In addition, workshops and field demonstrations provide a hands-on approach and grower-to-grower sharing of information.

This project was funded, in part, by a grant from TogetherGreen, a dynamic and innovative national Audubon program funded by Toyota, that aims to provide inspiration, leadership, and opportunities for people to take action at home, in their communities and beyond to improve the health of our environment.

Western Bluebird © 2005 Dave McMullen

TogetherGreen will invest in both promising environmental projects and outstanding leaders that can shape a brighter tomorrow. Along with Innovation Grants to be awarded each year, TogetherGreen funds and promotes conservation leadership training and volunteer programs designed to equip and engage diverse groups and individuals to take action today to shape a healthier tomorrow. Information on other grantees, along with opportunities to get involved in conservation efforts, showcase successful initiatives, and honor those who are making a difference, can be found at www.TogetherGreen.org.

Now in its second century, Audubon connects people with birds, nature and the environment that supports us all. Our national network of community-based nature centers, chapters, scientific, education, and advocacy programs engages millions of people from all walks of life in conservation action to protect and restore the natural world. www.audubon.org


Common Yellowthroat © 2013 Dave McMullen Yellow-rumped Warbler © 2014 Dave McMullen Dark-eyed Junco (at sunrise) © 2013 Dave McMullen American Crow © 2013 Dave McMullen Osprey © 2013 Dave McMullen

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