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Weekly Bird Walks

Our schedule has changed! Currently, walks are only held on Saturdays. Sign up for email announcements to be notified about destinations and start times.

Most weeks, NSAS offers a Saturday morning walk in a birding hotspot in Napa or Solano County, beginning around 8am and ending around noon. A carpool usually leaves from the standard Napa carpool location. Residents in other areas should send email to napa-solano-birds[at] to request departures from other locations.

Hey, beginning birders! Walks emphasizing basic bird identification are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at American Canyon Wetlands or Newell Canyon Preserve, and on the 3rd Saturday of each month at other locations in Solano County.

Go to our Email Sign-up Page to request to receive our Field Trip email announcements, which will give you updates about the destination and start time for each walk. And also Saturday Walks!

**Note that the walk start time may vary, and under inclement weather conditions (rain, high temperature or wind), the trip may be canceled. Updates will only be sent through email, so please join our mailing list!

A typical trip attracts approximately 20 birders. Through the seasons we try to catch the local “spectacles” of birding: spring shorebirds at American Canyon, winter raptors and Mountain Plovers in the Solano prairie, or fall warblers at Lagoon Valley.

The morning’s birding nearly always includes a good walk of variable length. For example, there are three sides to Lake Hennessey, and we have birded them all. Huichica Creek Wildlife Area can be approached a number of ways on foot, each of them offers a unique perspective of grassland and marsh. Land Trust properties are popular destinations, including Lynch Canyon and Foote Botanical Preserve. It is a great experience of learning and sharing, and you are invited!

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