Field Trip: Urban Birding Walk - CANCELED

Date: Saturday December 09, 2017

This workshop and walk will be rescheduled in the future. (NSAS Event)


Leader: Andrew Ford

Description: At this beginning bird walk, we will talk about birds within urban environments. Birds are highly adaptable animals and have learned to live along side people in our cities, towns and houses. Did you know that many birds will use human trash to build nests? Have you ever wondered how we affect bird behavior by feeding birds in our backyard? Did you know that some species of hummingbird have foregone migration in winter due to planting non-native flowers? How are people changing infrastructure to prevent collisions into windows during migrations? Did you know some birds thrive being around people? We will cover these questions plus many more as we explore how we change bird biology, ecology and behavior in our urban environments.


Coordinator: Andrew Ford at

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