Join us in April, as teams search for as many birds as they can find in Napa and Solano counties!

What is a Bird-A-Thon?

It is a crazy, fun, friendly competition between birders that also raises much needed funds for helping the objects of their obsession: birds! Teams of birders plan the “perfect” day, where during 6 or 24 hours they try to see as many different birds as possible. This means planning exact travel routes and knowing which birds are where and when. Then the race is on!

How does this help the birds? Because each team is raising funds for Napa-Solano Audubon through donations from sponsors like you. Sponsors can either donate a flat amount to their participant of choice, or they can sponsor an amount per species seen.

Why should I participate?

Because it's for the birds! Funds raised will support educational programs that educate kids and adults about birds and nature, and citizen science projects that gather critical data about birds and habitats for science.

Also, it's fun! Whether you're in the bird-a-thon or cheering on your friends, a good time will be had!

And there are prizes! And a picnic for participants and sponsors!

Prizes? Did you say prizes?

Yes! The grand prize is a pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars! Other prizes include butterfly ID guides, hummingbird and seed feeders, and more.


Yes, we will share results and announce the prize winners at a picnic in early May, details to be announced. This is free to anybody who participated or to sponsors giving at least $25.

OK, I'm sold. What's next?

To participate, click the "Register" link above. There is a minimum $25 donation to join a team. You can donate this yourself, but we encourage all participants to ask friends, family, and local businesses to sponsor them!

If you already have a team or want to go solo, then get started fundraising. If you need a team, no problem -- we'll hook you up. Just indicate this in the registration form.

What if I have questions?

Email or hit us up on Facebook.